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The Truth About Herbalife Products

When most people hear the words Herbalife, or Herbalife Products, they think about some MLM their family or friend was in that had something to do with those words. Most people react this way, and it is a shame. It’s a shame that people have been conditioned to think about Herbalife only as an MLM. It’s a shame that people only want to focus on the money making aspects of Herbalife. It’s a shame that people don’t know the truth about Herbalife products.

Herbalife Products, are indeed manufactured by the company Herbalife, and they are indeed marketed by MLM. But that just scratches the surface of what these products offer. Herbalife products were created by Mark Hughes, back in 1980, when his mother died of an overdose of diet pills. He was convinced there was a healthy, effective way for people to lose weight, and Herbalife Products were born. The products have been improved and improved again, over and over through the last 25 years and are today, more effective, more efficient, and better at helping you to lose weight and increase your overall health.

Herbalife Products are not just weight loss diet products. They include a wide range of products that include weight loss, heart health, digestive health, stress and immune solutions, energy and fitness, products for aging, and targeted products for men, women and children. In addition Herbalife also creates Outer Nutrition products for use on the outside of your body.

But what makes Herbalife Products so good? The answer is that Herbalife is a led by an executive and scientific team second to none. The CEO, COO, and General Counsel all were previous executives at the Walt Disney Company. Yes, that’s the one with Mickey Mouse and Disney World. The CFO is a previous COO of Rexall Sundown, another well know vitamin and supplement company.

Their Scientific Advisory board is lead by Dr. David Heber, who is the director of the Center for Human Nutrition at UCLA, and has been on their medical school faculty since 1978. And for good measure, Herbalife has thrown in a Nobel Prize winning doctor and scientist, Dr. Louis Ignaro, the leading scientist on Nitric Oxide. If that wasn’t enough, the rest of the Medical Advisory Board is fleshed out by a team of world-renowned doctors dedicated to guiding product research and development, and ensuring the quality, benefits, and safety of Herbalife Products. In addition, Herbalife helped to found the Mark Hughes Cellular & Molecular Nutrition Laboratory at the Center for Human Nutrition at UCLA. This lab is dedicated to researching and advancing the fields of herbal and nutritional science.

When people ask me if Herbalife Products work, I tell them absolutely, because I take them every day myself. And for those who really doubt the efficacy and helpfulness of these products, I have to ask them the following question. Would a team of executives, and scientists, who have spent their whole careers building a name and reputation for themselves, really risk all they have worked so hard for unless Herbalife was the real thing?

Sometimes Herbalife is misspelled and referenced as Herbal Life Products. These are all the same products just spelled a litle differently.

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